The original Game Boy is one of the primary instruments for chiptune artists: It somehow seems wrong that so many artists take advantage of the console's sound card for making music, but so few fans use their Game Boys to listen to it.

Well now it's time to bust out the ol' grey brick, retro game fanboys: There's an album out there that's been released for the Game Boy. Handheld Heroes: Volume Onea 41-track chiptune greatest hits album, was released online last week. For $15, you can pick up the album to listen to on your computer/smartphone/etc. For $5 more, you can get the special edition, which comes with tons of extra tracks and an LDSJ rom, which you can use to play the album on your old-school Game Boy.

It wasn't the way the artists intended, but somehow it just feels right. Pick up the album here, or listen to it played through a Game Boy with the video above.

[Via Bandcamp]