One of Hollywood's hottest actresses, Charlize Theron, has decided to buzz her head and is now rocking a crew cut a la Amber Rose. Or Demi Moore in "G.I. Jane," depending on how old you are.

The 36-year-old has been teasing the look for weeks, but has kept her head adorned with caps and the like so as to not fully show it off. No mas, as she was spotted sans head gear in Namibia this week with her son Jackson.

The haircut's not without its purpose, though. She cut off her blond tresses to play Furiosa, a character in "Mad Max: Fury Road," a reboot of the dormant franchise once spearheaded by Mel Gibson. Rest assured, moviegoers won't have to stomach Gibson, who has fallen out of favor in recent years. Tom Hardy will take his role in this installment.

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