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Some lawyers aren't exactly the most ethical of human beings, but this pair from Irvine, Calif., are about as amoral—and petty—as they come. Kent Wycliffe Easter and Jill Bjorkholm Easter have been accused of planting Vicodin, Percocet, weed and a pipe in a female parent-volunteer's vehicle. Why? Because they didn't like how the woman was supervising their son at school.

Kent Easter planted the drugs, then phoned the police using a fake name pretending to be a concerned parent who spotted the woman driving recklessly. She was stopped by police, who found the drugs when she let them search her car.

Police knew the drugs weren't hers, however, eventually determining that the phone call was made while she was still in the classroom. The Easters were arrested, and are currently being held on $20,000 bail. If convicted, they could face up to three years behind bars. His and hers handcuffs, how cute.

You'd think lawyers would be better at planting evidence than this juvenile blunder.

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