Address: 188 Ludlow St.

Since 2002, Il Laboratorio Del Gelato has created delicious, hand-made gelato. Located in the historic area of the Lower East Side, this shop humbly serves hundreds of thousands of people every year.

I first ordered the toasted almond and cinnamon flavors. The toasted almond had a smoked nut flavor; each was bite full of almond butter. The cinnamon flavor had a slight kick that reminded me of hot tamales candy. Both were quite rich.

For my second round, I went with black sesame and strawberry. The black sesame revealed small chunks of seeds, providing great texture (though they might stick in your teeth). The strawberry was surprisingly tart and very smooth, a great choice for those who like a sweet and sour-tasting ice cream.

Mix and match your favorite flavors for an ultimate taste bud adventure.

Other Notable Flavors: Banana, Lavender, Malt, and Earl Grey.