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William Abreu, the 43-year-old assistant principal of Bushwick's Progress High School for Professional Careers allegedly offered a job-seeking 15-year-old girl a gross proposition. Parents, be wary of the people shaping your children's minds:

Would you suck my balls for me? That's the things [sic] you have to do to succeed...You have to come to work looking sexy, so I can see how pretty you are.

Yup, way to guide the youth. This triggered a year-long investigation of Abreu, and it was discovered that this perv had sexually harassed at least three female students. His game was inviting them to his office for "guidance," and then testing their limits. He reportedly told another student that anal sex would keep her virginity in tact.

So, yeah, Abreu is neither professional nor progressive, and he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a school.

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