One hot dog vendor in Brooklyn Heights is just trying to live, but a very vocal part of the community don't want him to. That is, they don't want him selling what they describe as "disgusting food." Last Saturday, our man set up shop on Montague in the early morning, and then aghast residents placed so many calls to the police about his presence that he was ticketed and 86'd.

That's right, the people of Brooklyn Heights applied enough pressure that a living and breathing member of the NYPD showed up to ticket a man selling hot dogs from a cart on a street corner.

Despite the vendor being gone, spiteful folks are still harping about his meat slinging on the Brooklyn Heights Blog. They're saying stupid things like this: “What next? A big top? Circus animals? Clowns? Cotton Candy? What I would like to know is who authorized this? Why now?”

And this: “Ours is a quiet residential neighborhood...This is not the place...for people looking for ‘street life.’”

Great job, Brooklyn Heights!

[via New York Post]