In a move that should make hardcore sci-fi fans simply giddy, Deadline is reporting that Paramount Pictures has hired Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) to direct an adaptation of Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash. Ever since Attack the Block came out last year, Cornish has been one of the most in-demand directors in the industry, and he has been offered some very high-profile projects in the last few months. So his choice to settle on Snow Crash above everything else should be a good sign for fans of the book.

In the novel, a young man named Hiro Protagonist tries to get to the bottom of the mysterious new drug named "Snow Crash" that is linked to a computer virus that strikes down hackers through their screens. Along with William Gibson's Neuromancer, Snow Crash helped introduce the world to the cyberpunk sci-fi movement that inspired movies like The Matrix.

[via Deadline