The global phenomenon that it is, it was inevitable for Angry Birds to cross over into the world of sports. Rovio has announced plans to produce a Philadelphia Eagles-themed Angry Birds game, as well as further brand integration in and outside of their stadium. 

To get a sense of how deep the partnership will go, from here on out, if an Eagles player records a sack at Lincoln Financial Field, an animation of Angry Birds character “Big Brother Bird” Terrence making the play will be seen on the Eagles scoreboard.

Reportedly, the sports franchise was the driving force behind the deal, with the Eagles’ SVP of Business admitting having to push and prod the Finnish makers of the game. Yet, while the Eagles might lack global clout comparable to the game, it is, quite literally, the perfect pairing, what with the mascot, and of course, the Philly fans.

Peep the video above of the "signing."

[via Wall Street Journal