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Sega announced yesterday that Anarchy Reigns won't be coming to the US and Europe until "early 2013". The company tweeted a public statement, keeping the public in the loop: "The release of Anarchy Reigns has been re-evaluated. We now expect to launch in Europe and America in Q1 of 2013." 

Sega elaborated on the subject with Polygon, attributing the most recent delay to the company's recent structural overhaul. Sega announced earlier this year that the company was trimming the fat, so to speak, prioritizing a few key franchises like Sonic and Aliens, over other projects.

Anarchy Reigns is a brawler being developed by Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance developer Platinum Games. Reigns has been delayed three times since the game was first announced, pushing the game's launch back by almost two years.

Until yesterday, Anarchy Reigns was on track to come out this July, though Platinum Games did say last month that the game would be delayed in certain countries. Max Anarchy, the Japanese version of the game, is still on track for July 5th.

UPDATE: Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba, who apparently hadn't heard the news that his game was being delayed in the west, apologized to fans in a series of tweets:

"Today's Q1 2013 release news was the first we'd heard of it. Even if we wanted to, we can't comment as we're (still) in the dark officially... I want to sincerely apologize to all the fans worldwide for all the confusion this situation has caused."

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