Adult Swim and Valve hinted earlier this week that they're working on a collaboration, and that it's something to get excited about. We had a feeling they weren't referring to the Robot Chicken hats for Team Fortress 2 that they've been sending out, and we think we were right.

Now a FAQ at has hinted further that the two companies could be working on a Team Fortress cartoon with which to blow our minds and steal our monies. See:

Q. Are you making a Team Fortress cartoon?

A. Go ask your mother.

She had no idea what we were talking about.

To get the Robot Chicken hat, sign up for Steam by July 4 and you should receive the code in your email by July 5. If you're already signed up, you should already have the code. If you haven't, take it up with them or complain futilely to us in the comments or on Twitter.