Porn has literally become a headache for one 24-year-old man. Each and every time he watches porn, he experiences "severe, exploding" headaches.  What's puzzling is that the discomfort is not associated with sex or masturbation—it's exclusive to porn.

Dawn Buse, director of behavioral medicine at the Montefiore Headache Center and associate professor of neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine states the obvious in saying that the man is a special case:

"This guy is interesting because he's just watching porn and not actually having sex. But he probably still gets aroused and excited, which may be even worse than having sex because there's no release."

That's not typically how it goes when you watch porn, but the man is fighting the problem with over-the-counter medication. He says he's experienced "significant pain relief," and we suppose his only other option would be to stop watching porn. That's highly unlikely though.

[via Gawker]