The PES community wanted better control on shots so Konami responded with FMS (Full Manual Shooting and Passing). The plan is to let gamers put the ball anywhere in the goal, which is really cool once you get the controls down. Instead of repetitive, mundane shots, you will be able to hit a variety of shots like curved shots that Kaka and Thierry Henry have perfected or loft shots.

Konami admits that FMS is a work in progress but thus far we'll say it is difficult to say the least. The hypersensitive controls make shots fly all over the place even if you are in the perfect angle for a goal. Thankfully the classic shooting is still an option during gameplay.

On a side note, the developers have not decided whether or not to include FMS on penalty kicks.

High and low foot passing are the key elements of FMP. Much like FMS, the level of control and effectiveness depends on the individual players skill set (some players can pull off backspin passes for example). One thing we noticed is when on a run, players should be very careful how hard they push the passing button because one precision pass can easily turn into a precision pass followed by a terrible pass that goes out of bounds or to a defender.