"Uplink" Is A Fresh Take On Domination

If you've played a couple of shooters, than you're probably familiar with most of the game-types Spec Ops: The Line "Deathmatch," "Elimination" and "King of the Hill" but there's one new mode that stands out.

"Uplink" is a variation on "King of the Hill." Players fight to hold a single, unchanging location in the center of the map. Each team also has a communications array on their side, near their spawning point. The comm station starts out online, but the other team can disable it if it's left unprotected.

That's where it gets interesting. In order to score, your team needs to hold the central point and have their comm station operational.

Remember, the match is always four-on-four, so having a tight and adaptable gameplan is essential. Other shooters variations on "domination" mode, where teams have to attack and defend multiple positions, but those games don't require players to co-ordinate efforts between points to score, and often play like a game of "ring around the rosie" with teams rotating control around different areas of the map. That's not an option here. The end result is that when you win big in "Uplink," it actually feels like you're "dominating."