Foam parties are never cool, and should probably be permanently done away with in light of this disaster in Naples, Fla., that sent 40 people to the hospital. No, they didn't slip and fall—the panic was the result of stinging eyes. 

Roughly an hour before Loft 59 was about to close, people began fleeing with burning eyes. The soap in the foam used was supposed to be non-irritable, and the promoter says it was supposed to stay at shin level, but people were flocking to the bathrooms to flush their eyes with water. Sadly, bouncers turned them away. 

Party-goers said that the foam was being shot up in the air and leaked from the ceiling. From the way some described it, you'd think they narrowly survived the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. Of the 40 or so people taken to the hospital, some were discussing lawsuits.

When foam parties happen, everyone hurts.

[via Miami New Times]

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