Sorry, faithful Saturday Night Live watchers, but your beloved NBC sketch comedy program is going to be in serious trouble come next season. That’s because both Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg, the show’s two funniest cast members for years now, have left SNL for the greener, more opportunistic pastures of Hollywood. We can’t blame them, either—Wiig and Samberg have kept Lorne Michaels’ baby in good standing for long enough, and, like with Steve Carell and The Office, it’s time for them to see what else they’re made of in the wide world of showbiz.

All that said, Saturday Night Live really needs to beef up its cast. Instead of searching far and wide for the “next Adam Sandler,” though, Michaels should just call the actual Adam Sandler up, offer him a fat salary, and give the former SNL all-star a chance to get back to his comedy roots.

In all of his recent movies, Sandler has basically played the same character over and over again: the repugnant yet, ultimately, lovable protagonist who cracks the occasional penis joke. Back on SNL, he’d be able to try out as many new creations as he’d like, and, who knows, the next Opera Man or Canteen Boy could be his next Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore.