The lore and reputation surrounding Alien usually center upon two names: Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver. The former, deservedly, receives endless praise for his subtle, restrained directorial approach, lending an unnerving quietness to what’s essentially a haunted house movie set in outer space. Weaver, for her part, is the flesh-and-blood face of the franchise, having first cemented her legacy as a revolutionary female badass in Scott’s 1979 series-starter.

Neither one of them would have ever had such an exceptional piece of material to work with, however, if it weren’t for the late Dan O’Bannon (1946–2009, pictured above, left, alongside artist H.R. Giger), who’s credited as one of Alien’s co-writers, but, in reality, is Alien's often, and unfairly, neglected creator.