60-year-old Violet D'Mello just wanted to play with the kitties. While on vacation, she and her husband went to a South African zoo where D'Mello paid appx. five pounds to enter and pet a few cheetahs. Let us remind everyone reading again that cheetahs, like panthers, tigers, lions, and other massive, ferocious cat-beasts, are deadly and terrifying creatures. Moving on.

Harmlessly petting the animals flesh-eating monsters turned into playing dead while being mauled in order to hopefully not be killed. Her husband was on the other side of the glass while the attack happened and captured some pretty wild pictures. Naturally, park officials, trainers and employees were all very surprised and quick to mitigate the cheetah's responsibility. Playing, it seemed, just got a little too rough and we can all rest easy, as it was just a "freak accident."

We tend to think of freak accidents as things that not only never happen but that we would never imagine to happen. Something about a woman being mauled by cheetahs doesn't exactly scream "anomaly." 

[via Daily Mail]