A Salt Lake City woman received a really weird surprise when she bought a new box of tampons: It was stuffed with package of cocaine. 

The woman, 39-year-old Cindy Davidson, reportedly bought the box on sale (isn't cocaine supposed to be expensive?) at a local NPS store. When she opened the box, however, she noticed the packaging wasn't quite normal. 'Cause, you know, it was filled with cocaine.

According to a local news station, KSL:

"I noticed there was packaging inside that wasn't normal," she said. "They had removed the tampon and there was cocaine inside."

At first, though, she wasn't sure what she was seeing. There was a powdery substance rolled up in thick cellophane and taped shut inside the cardboard applicator. It was wrapped so tight she spent five minutes trying to open it and still couldn't.

In the box of 16, she inspected four and found two had the cellophane package inside and the other two were normal tampons.

Davidson began growing worried that it could be a "terrorist attack," and she called her sister immediately, who advised her to go to the police. Authorities tested the substance and soon confirmed it was cocaine.

Stan Alexander, the Director of Security at NPS, apparently has no idea how the cocaine may have gotten into the box. "Without knowing the customer, without knowing the product specifically on this situation we just have no information to try and figure out where it came from," he commented to local news.

[via Huffington Post]