Thrill-seeking exhibitionist Ashley Holton caused quite a scene on Highway 484 in Ocala, Fla., over the weekend, where she was spotted masturbating on the road. Stunned drivers busted illegal U-turns, and traffic was delayed for 30 minutes as everyone watched, egging her on by honking their horns.

The 35-year-old’s ride on the fast track to pleasure was interrupted by a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy, but Holton responded by flashing her breasts and bra. She was promptly arrested and taken to jail. When a cop tried to put her pants on, she kicked and bit the officer, calling it “a love tap.”

When she was thrown in jail, she continued to expose herself, telling officers to kiss her right where it counts. Presumably gone off of some cheap liquor and horniness, she was charged with exposure of sexual organs, battery of a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting an officer.

In the end, she was the only person left satisfied.

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[via The Huffington Post]

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