Outspoken conservative metalhead Ted Nugent had a few choice words for CBS News' Jeff Glor during an interview with the network that aired today. This is the first interview that Nugent had conducted since he was questioned by the Secret Service for his controversial comments about President Obama, and it was a doozy.

What set Nugent off, you ask? Apparently it was when Glor suggested that the '80s rocker wasn't politically moderate. This led to a bleeped-out rant directed at Glor and an off-screen producer, which his wife later made him apologize for, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Nugent then turned his frustrations towards the idea of political correctness, and how the Army had cancelled some of his tour dates at a military base after his remarks about the President. 

Oh but that's not even the best part. Towards the end of the interview, Nugent simply looked Glor in the eyes and said, "I'm a perfect human being."

Nugent called Glor the next day and told him that he had to be rushed to the hospital after the interview to have a kidney stone removed. We suppose that would make anyone go on a politically-charged rant.

Oh, Ted Nugent, please never change. 

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