Representative Mike Bost got a little angry today at the Illinois State House of Representatives. Speaking up against pension reform and calling out Speaker Michael Madigan for "wielding too much power," Bost had what can only be called a total meltdown on the house floor, and luckily for all of us it was caught on tape - flustered yelling, paper toss, and all. 

"I feel like somebody trying to be released from Egypt!" he yelled at Madigan, after yelling at everyone that they should be ashamed of themselves. "Let my people go!"

The bill he was opposing, FYI, was one that would "reduce annual cost-of-living increases for public employees, such as state workers, university staff and downstate teachers," and "...also gradually makes public schools and universities pay the cost of retirement benefits for their employees, as Chicago schools already do," according to CBS Chicago. It would, apparenty, also "shift pension costs for public schools from the state to local school districts, which would be forced to raise property taxes to fund pension costs that are now picked up by the state." And there-in lies Bost's issue.

"I'm sick of it," he yelled, just short of stomping his foot and turning it into a real tantrum. "Every! Year!"

Apart from the fact that no one around him seems to really be reacting to his rant, Bost ends the whole thing with a near-legit drop-mic, before slumping down in his chair like nothing just transpired. You can watch it all above.

[via Gawker]