Last night, during America's Got Talent, Sony premiered a 4-minute preview from The Amazing Spider-Man, which we included in the video above. Unfortunately, for being such a long preview, there isn't much in the way of new footage shown here. It is mostly re-cut from the various trailers that have already been released from the movie; however, one extended action scene at the beginning is shown in full.

Featuring Spider-Man saving a child trapped in a car from falling off of the Williamsburg Bridge during a battle with the Lizard, this brand-new footage gives us hope for the movie's potential. It's a small scene, but there is already more genuine emotion and tension in it than most comic book movies we have seen over the years. It shows Spider-Man being a hero of the people, as opposed to an invincible demigod like The Avengers or Superman. And anyone concerned about Andrew Garfield taking over the Spider-Man mantle can rest assured because he looks spot-on so far.

Unfortunately, the scene is then followed by a marathon of quick cuts and dodgy CGI that are now the norm for summer blockbusters. We certainly hope the movie resembles the emotionally-driven opening scene, as opposed to the second half of the preview.

We'll find out for sure when The Amazing Spider-Man gets released on July 3.