If you thought multi-touch was futuristic, get a load of the Leap.

It allows you to fully interface with your computer using only hand and finger gestures. It's 200x more accurate than an Xbox Kinect and is much cheaper at the low, low cost of $70.

Leap Motion says it's interfacing tech will change the world, and it's certainly promising. But we're not sure customers are quite ready to "say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard," as the company's website suggests. For the foreseeable future, it's tough to see how even a technically impressive interface like the Leap would present enough of a functional advancement over the old keyboard and touchpad/mouse combo to warrant the switch.

But still, the video above is fun to look at/think about. And at just $70 bucks, they might even convince some users to, uh, take the leap.

One step closer to Minority Report.

[via BuzzFeed]