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That Agent 47 is always so damned well-dressed. Where does he find the time to look so sharp? In between taking down high-priority targets in grisly and creative ways? He must have a really on-point assistant.

More to the point, here's a video showcasing Hitman: Absolution's Sniper Challenge, an extra game mode reserved for those players who reserve the game.

Agent 47 perches on the roof of a skyscraped, his target the host of a party taking place in an adjacent building. You're armed with a powerful sniper rifle and encouraged to take out guards and other targets in creative ways—shoot a fuse box so an elevator opens, for example, then shoot a guard into the empty shaft.

Right now it's unclear whether the mode will ever be available outside of pre-orders, though we'd bet money that it will at some point be available as paid DLC. Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.