In a summer filled with big-budget spectacles, it's hard for a movie to make an impact if it doesn't include massive alien warfare, costumed superheroes, or some buxom ladies, but Lawless has managed to pique our interest despite the absence of all of that. Featuring a top-shelf cast that includes Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman, and more, Lawless is a prohibition-era crime thriller directed by The Road's John Hillcoat.

Now, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and Indie Wire, we have two clips from Lawless for you that showcase the film's reliance on intensity and performance. The first one deals with Forrest Bondurant's (Hardy) run-in with the snake-like Deputy Charley Rakes, played by Pearce. Rakes is a special agent from Chicago tasked with taking down the moonshine racket of the Bondurant brothers, and he simply makes our skin crawl.

The other clip is a brief heart-to-heart between the Bondurant brothers (Hardy and LaBeouf) that really shows off the range of both men. We knew Hardy could bring the goods, but we're surprised just how solid LaBeouf can be when he gets away from the Transformers franchise. 

Lawless will hit theaters on August 31.

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