Right now, the world's leading television and camera manufacturers are getting ready to kick-off the next video resolution revolution. The next frontier is called 4K, and it's four times the resolution of today's highest definition televisions. While 4K TV sets are still few and far between (Sharp, Sony and Toshiba have all demoed models that should hit stores this year), the first movie designed to take advantage of the technology is already here.

TimeScapes, a nature documentary by the director and cinematographer Tom Lowe, uses timelapse and slow-motion to capture breathtaking scenes of the American Southwest in exquisite 4K.

The feature-length film is available now for purchase/download at TimeScapes.org. In the probable case that you don't have access to either a 4K display or projector, you can still enjoy the gorgeous footage via a very-nice-looking 1080p version. And Lowe has even gone one better— if you own a 30-inch monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, you can download the movie in impressive 1440p, as well. It's the first movie to be sold in this resolution.

For a taste of what the eyeball melting Ultra HD future holds, get a look at the trailer for TimeScapes above.

[via Gizmodo]