Anders: For the guest star, we were gonna go with a basketball player from the Clippers, who we had a connection to kind of, and then at the last minute that fell through, if it was even ever a reality, so then we had our backs up against the wall. 

Blake: The basketball player was supposed to be Baron Davis, and at the end we had this whole thing where Bear-on Davis wanted the bear coat, and then when he fell through we started to say we were gonna have Dallas Raines, a local weatherman that I was obsessed with.

Adam: I don’t know if the world was ready for the Bear-on Davis bit. But then we started to think, who from our childhood would we actually be really stoked to see, and specifically who would Blake be the most excited to see? I don’t know who said it but we came to the conclusion that Marc Summers would be the man. Marc—total fucking surprise—was just all about it. He’s not a germ freak like everybody thinks of him. He’s beaten that and shakes hands and all that jazz.

Blake: He was really cool. He didn’t ever say why he was so down to do our show but he did tell a lot of like old-school Nickelodeon stories and it was really quite magical.

Anders: When [showrunner] Kevin Etten told us Marc Summers was in we lost our minds. That moment was like, “Whoa! We have our own TV show and we can get people like Marc Summers to show up! That’s awesome!”