Adam: We went after Paul Walker and a bunch of people for that role of the predator and nobody was nearly as good at the predator as Chris D'Elia. He was a friend of mine through stand-up and we brought him in not knowing what to expect—he’s a really funny stand-up but I’ve never seen him act in anything—and he came in doing that voice and that character and we were all like, “We have to hire this guy.” Before he auditioned, he was like, “Do you have any tips on like how you want me to play this character?” My one note to him was: “You are the coolest dude we’ve ever met. That’s all you need to know. Just be the coolest dude, whatever you think the coolest dude ever is.” And he came with that, and we were like holy shit.

Anders: [Laughs.] Holy shit, that’s not cool. But holy shit, that’s what you think cool is? All right, it’s really weird…but rock and roll. We had some pretty good actors come in to audition for the role. I don’t remember anyone being too bad. I don’t like to dog auditions where people really go for it, but we had some people that were over-creeping it and didn’t realize they were supposed to be cool.

Adam: Yeah it wasn’t that anybody was horrible or anything; everybody was just fine but I think Chris took that character and he was so specific with it that it really worked and it really helped the episode. "To Friend a Predator" is a lot of people’s favorite episode, and Chris is a huge reason why.