Blake: Kyle’s brother, Adam, and his now-wife, Haley, used to live with us and if I do remember correctly they might have came up with the concept of keg nog because we always had a kegerator at the house. I remember Haley mentioning keg nog and I wrote that shit down in my mind and then we made up a whole holiday [Half Christmas] around that alone.

Adam: There was that cool scene where me and Blake are trying to celebrate Half Christmas in the parking lot drinking egg nog and there was evidently a huge accident on the freeway, like a quarter of a mile away from our office. There were like five helicopters circling this event that had just happened and we had to shoot this scene right then so I ended up just improv-ing a line, “I guess they’re there covering the strike” and me and Blake talked about how the strike is such a big event now, even though its just me and him. That’s how we got away with there being like insane helicopter noise throughout that entire scene. We shoot in pretty shitty areas, so there tends to be helicopters. A lot of gang shootings, a lot of double homicides. [Laughs.]

Also, the bag boy striker at the grocery store, that’s my lifelong childhood friend, Austin Anderson, who actually moved to California with me to start doing comedy. We were able to hook him up real quick-like.