Blake: That was actually spawned from the original web series a little bit. We always wondered what it would be like if Ders was in power. I actually thought for a while that it would be a cool dynamic of our whole show if we were three guys who lived together and Ders just so happened to be one step above us, but I think we made the right call on all of us being equals, for sure.

Anders: Yeah, 'cause then you’re like, Why are these guys friends if this one dude is such a dickhead? And if he’s such a dickhead and they’re dicks back, what brings them together? But I think it’s funny to have the dynamic where you’ve got two wild guys and then one guy who wants to be straight-edge but just can’t get his shit together, so he pretends he’s got it together. I think they can all kind of look to each other as equals, and that there’s some similarity.

As far as similarities between the webisode and the episode, there was a promotion, there were pranks back and forth, as the power struggle took hold, and there was a bike-lock incident, but that’s about it.