Anders: The casting process for “Temp-tress” was a very interesting casting process it was just a little bit more fun. We thought just to get the right girl we should meet them all in person.

Adam: We really did our homework there. Nicky Whelan is such a babe that if you walk into a room and she’s there you can’t help but stare. She must live the weirdest life where people are just staring at her all the time.

Anders: You just wanna cut your own face off. She’s a babe.

Adam: You wanna gouge your eyes out. She’s too beautiful.

Blake: My favorite scene of any season we’ve done is the masturbation in the car scene. Originally, because the temp was so hot, we were gonna masturbate in the bathroom at work and we were gonna have separate stalls. Somewhere around the last draft of the script we decided to go out to the car and make it even more awkward, set up towels and stuff.

AdamFor erection scenes, our pants are stuffed with all of our real cocks. We all have giant dildo-shaped cocks. While shooting the masturbation scene you can’t really see anything because it’s all shot from the waist up, so in order to sell it we just were shimmying our shoulders a lot. You wouldn’t masturbate that way ever in your entire life but that’s how we beat off. And while I was fake masturbating, I accidentally locked eyes with my sister, who was a PA season two. It was so awkward.

Anders: I was looking at her too. That’s weird.

Adam: Watch it, bro!