Anders: We cut a lot of that. That was like a 46-minute episode originally and we were like going around looking for sponsors to like do a power episode where it’s a special event. It would’ve been good but we decided to just trim it down to be a half-hour episode and I think it turned out pretty smokin’.

Adam: Yeah that’s probably my favorite episode of season two. Once you get down in that sewer set it was really, really radical. All of the sludge and everything looked disgusting but it actually wasn’t disgusting at all, it was like broken up brownies. It was basically Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory down there.

Anders: Last week, somebody asked me, “What sewer did you guys shoot that in?” I was like, “That was a set, homie.” They couldn’t believe it, so props to our set designers and set decorators, and, really, to us, for selling it, because you wouldn’t believe it was real unless you saw it in our eyes. So really it was all us.

Adam: I’m a little upset about it though. We call out Ed Helms, saying how big of a dick he has, and how now if you have a big dick it’s having an Ed Helms, and we didn’t hear anything from Ed Helms. If any TV show ever says that having an Adam DeVine means you have a huge dick, I’m contacting them to say thanks for spreading the word. I’m butt-hurt, Ed.