Adam: I got to make out with the wonderful and beautiful Rebel Wilson, like six times. We were locking lips! Woo! I was getting some tongue action.

Anders: We had a bunch of Juggalos and Juggalettes on set, too, and one of them tried to stab our medic with a broken bottle. She was on some like drugs and probably dehydrated because it was hot, and she started slurring words and falling over, and then our medic came up and over to tend to her, like, “Let’s go sit you down somewhere,” and she screamed, “I’m not going anywhere!” And she busted a bottle and tried to fucking cut him.

Blake: That was our first contact with Juggalos, and to be fair, there were some real cool, die-hard dudes who rolled out for basically no money. There was one dude pulling a double shift where he was like working at a pizza place till like 2 in the morning and driving out all the way to LA from butt-fuck nowhere just because he was down for the cause and this episode was spreading the word about the Juggalos and ICP [Insane Clown Posse].

Adam: We actually we sort of shit on them and at the end of the episode a little bit 'cause we get in a fight with them, but even though we did that they still were really cool and supportive and they’re just happy that we were talking about with Juggalos basically, the movement. Very little death threats, I feel. [Laughs.]