Adam: Chris Parnell was just pro as fuck. He came in and just like every scene was just really on point. SNL alum and all that, it was like it was cool having someone with that pedigree on set showing us what’s up.

Anders: We went after him and he was cool enough to do a show that he didn’t know anybody affiliated with. It wasn’t like a favor—he’s not like a friend like Chris D’elia. We hadn’t even aired yet. I mean, we weren’t really a show, we didn’t exist, and he was like, “Yeah, I’ll do it.”

Blake: Thanks for believing in us, Chris. You’re the best.

Anders: Having cameos made the show feel more official. We’d been making Internet videos with each other for a while, and I see these guys every day anyway, and OK, the crew got bigger, and we got to cast friends here and there that we knew were actors and actresses, and we had some people who you recognized from some show, but then with someone like Chris Parnell, you’re like, this is the guy who rapped on “Lazy Sunday,” the biggest Internet video of all time, and he was one of my favorite guys on SNL during his era and the fact that he was about to read lines that we wrote was pretty cool.