Anders: You know how everyone goes to Hedonism for Thanksgiving? We just figured we’d make an episode about it. One of the writers had a family member who had gone to Hedonism recently and we wound up getting stories from her. Pastafari is real, that’s a real restaurant.

Adam: One of our crew dudes had been there a few times as well, which made us look at him in a different way. He's transportation, and I won’t let him move my car anymore.

That was the episode I was really sick because I had eaten a toilet doughnut. We were in the writers’ room and everyone was asking me how much money it would take for me to eat a doughnut out of the toilet. I said 500 bucks. I couldn’t back down, so I did it and I think all of the poisons hit me that week. In between every take it was just me being violently ill. But I’m happy I did. $500 is nothing to sneeze at. I gotta remember my roots. It's my retirement plan if this doesn't work out.