Workaholics, everybody's favorite inebriated slacker comedy, is back for season three. Complex sits with its stars to get insider stories about the making of the show's first 20 episodes.

This feature is a part of Complex's Workaholics Week.

You read the Workaholics cover story with Anders, Adam, and Blake. You watched the gang get weird with acid on last night's season three premiere, "The Business Trip," where Blake mistook a male stripper's package for a toothy monster and tried to choke it out. You even bought the new season two DVD and Blu-ray combo, but still you want to know more about your favorite show: How did the guy from Whitney become a child predator? Who was originally supposed to guest star in place of Marc Summers? What kind of weird shit have the guys seen while actually tripping on mushrooms?

Find out all of that and much, much more, as the stars of the show take you behind the scenes of every the first 20 episodes of Workaholics.

Interview by Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)

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