Just because Bethesda's upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO doesn't mean it's going to be any less epic than Skyrim, the developer has said.

"The last thing you want to do is have the final confrontation with Mehrunes Dagon as he's stomping across the Imperial City [referring to Oblivion's story missions], and you see like 15 guys behind you waiting to kill him because they're on the same quest," TES Online Game Director Matt Firor told Game Informer.

"As MMO online designers, the thing we wanted to make sure we hit the most was that feeling that you're awesome, you're the hero," he said. "And we do that through a mix of technology, where when I am confronting a major foe in the game, I'm doing it in an instance where I am alone. 

"And we have a whole part of the game that is 100 per cent solo," he continued, "which is the main story, where the world focuses on you—you are the hero, everything you do is solo and the world reacts to you that way."

Little and less is known about the game so far, but we're looking forward to finding out more. Got any predictions or hopes? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Eurogamer]

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