Never trust a beautiful woman if she’s a Colombian prostitute and you’re a member of the Secret Service. Dania Londono Suarez, better known as the “Secret Service Hooker,” appeared on Colombia’s wRadio claiming that she had access to government information. After a combination of her talents and alcohol put an agent to bed, she noticed possessions—such as his wallet—were left out in the open.

She didn’t reveal whether or not she searched his wallet or if she actually had sex with the agent, but she says she did enough to get paid. Interpret that however you'd like.

Suarez says there’s more to tell about the wildness that went down in Cartagena, but she’ll only do so for the right price. She’s already secured one of Colombia’s top attorneys and will probably begin entertaining book offers soon. However, she claims that the whole experience has ruined her life. Right, just like Superhead.

[via TMZ]

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