After weeks of teasing, Sega and Double Fine announced The Cave, a new dungeon-crawler for PC, XBLA and PSN from the mind of Ron Gilbert.

In The Cave, an intrepid group of "spelunkers", including a knight, a monk, a scientist, and a time traveller, who may or may not do any spelunking while trying to find awesome treasure. There is one catch: The cave is alive... and apparently he's rather chatty.

Since all of the characters in The Cave are silent, it's the titular setting steps up to the plate and plays narrator. Since the game is coming from Secret of Monkey Island scribe Ron Gilbert, you can expect the cave to be an interesting character.

Up to three players can get together and go Cave-diving. As in many dungeon-crawlers, each character type has its own unique abilities: The knight has a "Guardian Angel" ability that makes him temporarily invincible. Meanwhile the hillbilly (Yes, there's a hillbilly class) can breathe underwater.

Unlike most dungeon-crawlers, however, certain areas of game will only be available to specific classes, presumably because of their special abilities. That said, Double Fine made it clear that the game can completed with ANY combination of classes or solo, so there's no need to worry about who you're bringing.

You can experience quirkiness of The Cave when it becomes available in "early 2013."