Age: 21
Best projects: Winter’s Bone (2010), Like Crazy (2011), X-Men: First Class (2011), The Hunger Games (2012)

An Academy Award nomination and a bank-breaking movie franchise both at the young age of 21? Not bad for an actress whose only visibility three years ago came from TBS’s redneck-approved sitcom The Bill Engvall Show.

It’s no wonder that Jennifer Lawrence has become such a hot commodity in Hollywood—she’s the total package. Gorgeous, men’s magazine looks? Check. Acting skills far superior to most of her peers? Indeed, as seen in Winter’s Bone, and, to a lesser degree, this year’s monster hit The Hunger Games.

And an agent to die for? Apparently so, since, aside from the guaranteed Hunger Games and X-Men: First Class sequels, Lawrence’s next big project is The Silver Linings Playbook, from Oscar-nominated director David O. Russell (The Fighter).