When done right, a quality roast can be one of the truest and funniest forms of comedy out there. It takes you back to the schoolyard days where the jokes were relentless and cruel—and they got even more relentless and cruel once the tears started to flow. Beautiful.

Tonight, billionaire blowhard Donald Trump gets what he deserves in The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump (10:30 p.m., Comedy Central). It's a choice we wholeheartedly agree with. Even though some of our favorite regulars like Jeffrey Ross and Lisa Lampanelli will be in the house, one of the greatest roasters of all time, the deceased Greg Giraldo, will not. Major bummer.

Still, the show must go on, and since we’re all in a snarky kind of mood, we decided to do a little digging and come up with the 15 greatest roast moments of all time. Just a warning, though: If you think you can’t stand the heat, stay the fuck away!

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