New York City digs have long been depicted as some of the most aspirational spaces on TV—regardless of whether they leave nagging questions of how some of their owners could feasibly afford them. Case in point: the apartment porn that is Jane's (Samaire Armstrong) pad in the How to Make It in America pilot.

You might remember Jane as Ben's (Bryan Greenberg) thirsty, almost-rebound who a friend tries to set him up with. We remember her much better for that gargantuan crib of hers. Just feast your eyes on those massive windows. How she manages to pay the rent each month for those accommodations as "a writer for Nylon" is beyond us, especially when they appear more realistically within the price range of a CEO.

But hey, the writers did ditch Ben's admirer after that first ep. Probably because, judging from the looks of her place, she already made it.