If there was an Emmy Award for awkward sex, Girls on HBO would undoubtedly prove to be the contender to beat. Whether the show's leading ladies are making bumbling attempts at role play or weathering failed cherry poppings, the gritty series about twenty-something NYC transplants has no qualms about keeping it (uncomfortably) real. Props over here.

On the flip side, one of the few perks of a recent episode's would-be sex scene (Zosia Mamet's unforeseen 10 of a bod), we weren't even able to enjoy because we were too busy ogling something else: her apartment. No, it wasn't the pink curtains or the oversized Sex and the City poster, but the space. Remember what your New York City apartment looked like as a student? When your railroad-style crib forced you to make due with shoji screens in lieu of bedroom walls? And your bed served as sleep space, lounge area, and dining quarters all in one? 

Even dwellers we've known with relatives picking up the tab (presumably the case here) have been subject to much more closet-like accommodations. What it comes down to: Shoshanna's roomy, sun-drenched Nolita pad is inspiring of envy—and false hopes—in us all. In honor of the character's cavernous digs, and other samples of not-so-real estate, we present to you our list of the 10 Most Unrealistic Apartments in TV Shows & Movies.

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Written by Lauren Otis (@LaurNado)

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