Before you get on us about how Remember The Titans is a great movie (one of your favorites actually) give us a second to make our point. We're not saying it wasn't a quality feel-good movie with a positive message, we're just saying they approached that message with the subtlety of a construction worker bulldozing a building. That is to say, with none at all.

Remember the Titans serves up a solid sports story laced with inspiration in a silver chalice, and that sentimental booze is strong. Yes, the script is based on the true story of the 1971 integration of a Virginia High School football team, but director Boaz Yakin takes liberties with the source material and inundates it with every genre cliché we've come to expect from racial inequality movies, and at few points strays from those stringent guidelines.

There are the two coaches who don't get along (a friction that turns friendly in a matter of games), the star player that gets into an accident right before the big game, miraculously allowing the guy who's been warming the bench all season a shot...and do you think he squanders that shot? Would we be talking about this movie if he did?

Our point is, they paint the complicated process of integration as easily achieved, which doesn't give the real-life story of struggle any credit. We can't say why this happened, whether it was lazy filmmaking from Yakin or because Jerry Bruckheimer produced it, but if it were that simple Rodney King would've solved all our problems when he asked, "Can we all get along?"