At a glance, this is the film everybody in America wanted (well, everyone aside from the Kardashians, that is). Unfortunately, Bobcat Goldthwait doesn't quite have the writing or directing chops to pull of the film's amazing premise.

What you want to see is a darkly realistic take on how reality television has poisoned our culture and seeped stupidity into our nation's minds, and what could really happen (what we're truly scared might happen) if someone snapped under the very real rage they felt about the disintegration of our values.

Instead, what Goldthwait gives us is a half-contemplated, sloppy satire that follows middle-aged Frank (Joel Murray) as he gets diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor and decides to use his last days to mow down reality stars, with the help of teenage sidekick Roxy, who shares his reality-star-rage. 

The unlikely pair then take aim at Hollywood culture, firing off on American Idol and My Super Sweet 16 stars with unmitigated joy, but all the while they seem more preoccupied with firing off witty one-liners than delving into just what drives their bloodshed. In the words of Roxy, "You know what else rips [our] cock off?" When someone attempts satire, and becomes so preoccupied with telling us how vapid something is they don't realize that they've descended into the same meaningless abyss themselves.