Even if we overlook the now widely-agreed upon fact that Avatar is a blatant rip-off of Pocahontas and Dances with Wolves, we refuse to give director James Cameron a pass on the movie's not-so-subtly-disguised finger wagging. 

Cameron barely manages to disguise his contempt for American imperialism and all past/presently existing racism, painting the "other" as Smurf blue Na'vi race who are a peaceful, new age people who have respect for the environment. And us? We're those milky white, gun-wielding terrorists, invading a peaceful, self-sustaining environment, taking lives and destroying nature for our commercial gain. 

Wait, what? We'd never do that! We have respect for the environment, and other cultures, except for that time we practically wiped out Native Americans so we could usurp their territory, and the countless times we've spilled oil in the ocean, and invaded countries whose beliefs weren't like our own. Ah, nevermind, we see what you're getting at, Cameron. And for the record, we didn't need the 3-D to see your point.