When Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher first stepped out as a couple, critics were quick to point out their noticeable difference in age, Demi being 15 years Ashton's senior. The two were inseparable, however, and got married after dating for a little more than two years. Everything appeared to be rainbows and butterflies for the pair until rumors of infidelity surfaced, causing irreparable damage to their relationship. Demi filed for divorce in November 2011. However, the impending split for her younger husband didn't stop Demi from reverting back to her old cougar ways. I was reported that the 48-year-old actress had her sights set on Zac Efron“She calls him and texts him a lot but he’s not interested at all,” a source close to the situation reported. “He thinks she’s a creepy cougar.” This just goes to show you can't take the cougar out of Demi.