Marvel’s original super team is still its closest knit. The Fantastic Four aren’t separate heroes banded together to battle evil; they’re a family. If they didn’t have powers, they would still be just as close with each other as they are now. Reed Richards; his wife, Sue; her brother, Johnny; and their longtime friend Ben Grimm easily have the most complex team dynamic in all of comics. They argue, they fight, they make up, and they have each other’s backs. And they do it all with bits of humor and humanity that are absent in most superhero comics.

Over the years, the team has tackled villains like The Mole Man, Galactus, and Dr. Doom in some of the most pulse-pounding comics that Marvel has ever put out. But the writers of the books are always aware that the real draw is the family drama. In an industry as up-and-down as the comic book medium, the Fantastic Four have always been the conscience of Marvel. When every other comic that the company puts out begins to fail, “The First Family of Marvel” is something you can always pick up and enjoy.