You knew this was coming. Of course. Of all the dogs in popular culture, Lassie is hands down the most iconic and well-known, having been featured in over 20 incarnations, from films, television programs, and radio shows, since her creation in 1940.

Lassie's story is heartwarming to the core: A lovable, loving rough collie embarks on a long journey to find her family, after they were forced to sell her for money during Depression-era England, because she is the very definition of “loyal” and probably missed other people preparing her dinner for her. Doesn’t it just inspire warm, fuzzy feelings within? Compose yourself, guys, it's getting embarrassing.

Also, the Golden Retriever was apparently always saving that Timmy kid when he fell down "the well," and that's pretty admirable because it happened so many times that you'd think it'd be more beneficial to leave him down there a while so he actually learns not to, you know, play around a fucking well. But hey, she's a finer being than any of us.