They say you never realize what you’ve got until it’s gone, but what’s worse is perhaps realizing it and then losing it anyway. Unfortunately, such was the case with Celine from Chris Lilley’s genius mockumentary series Summer Heights High.

Though the little Chihuahua was mostly in the background through the beginning of the series, the scenes that she was featured in were memorable to say the least. When the plot twist that she’d been fatally hit by a car occurred, we were understandably devastated.

It took a few episodes to accept the loss. There the five stages of grief set in, with the reversion to depression happening more than a few times, but, finally, by the finale, we'd come to terms with it. But then, Celine punked us all and turned up alive in the finale. Sure, a bit mentally jarring considering what we’d gone through, but it made us all the more appreciative of her character and overall existence.